[Boatanchors] Allied Radio SX-190

Ron Lawrence w4ron at carolina.rr.com
Wed Apr 16 09:31:54 EDT 2014

I've never used one, but I've been in love with the look
of them since they first came out.
There was one for sale at the Charlotte hamfest last month,
I walked by it or looked at it from our near by flea market
table at least a dozen times those 2 days, but I was strong
and resisted the urge to buy it. 
It was the SX-190 like the subject of the OP, which is 
for shortwave b'cast, where as the AX-190 is for the amateur

A neat looking radio, that's just my .02 worth.


---- Bob Jackson <bob145 at suddenlink.net> wrote: 
> Guys - I have no idea about the good/bad points of this rig. So, I went to eHam.net for some info. There's only two "reviews" of this set there and both speak very highly of it. One even compares it very favorably to the likes of an SPR-4, and HR-500 and a Collins 75-S3. That's a bit hard for me to swallow SO, I'm coming to you for the "straight skinny"! 
> Your opinions, please ...
> Bob AG5X
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