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The Motorola T-44A- series used one 2C39 as a tripler/driver and the other as the final amplifier.  Towards the end, Motorola started supplying 3CX100A-5 / 7289 tubes instead of the glass 2C39 tubes.

During my junior year at Georgia Tech, when I worked for the Motorola Service Station in Atlanta, Georgia, they had a service contract with a garbage pickup service that used the T-44AAV-3000 series equipment.  Being "low man on the totem pole", I usually got the "honor" of working on those units.  I swear that the drivers had more, well aged, garbage in the cabs of the trucks than in the back!  After working on some of those trucks, everyone gave me a "wide berth"!
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The Motorola T44 series UHF mobile radios used them in the last two stages of the transmitter.

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If you have an old (from the early 50's) rack mounted RCA CW-20A 
microwave transmitter it uses them as the finals.  That's the only thing 
I have ever seen that used them.


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