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Rather than get up from the bench to go get a new tube, I'd try swapping the two 2C39s.  It always irritated me when someone else had already done that.  :-)

In high school, I had my own little business taking care of several companies' spcial industrial radios.  I hated the radios in the "fix other trucks" trucks.  It never failed that those radios would be coated with  gear lube.  Not only is that stuff sticky...it also stinks... and it transfers from item to item just by touch.  I finally made a radio washer & dryer to get that @*~,-":@ lube off the radios.  I was glad that those radios never seemed to break very often.

That work helped me escape engineering school with no student loans.

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The Motorola T-44A- series used one 2C39 as a tripler/driver and the other as the final amplifier.  Towards the end, Motorola started supplying 3CX100A-5 / 7289 tubes instead of the glass 2C39 tubes.

During my junior year at Georgia Tech, when I worked for the Motorola Service Station in Atlanta, Georgia, they had a service contract with a garbage pickup service that used the T-44AAV-3000 series equipment.  Being "low man on the totem pole", I usually got the "honor" of working on those units.  I swear that the drivers had more, well aged, garbage in the cabs of the trucks than in the back!  After working on some of those trucks, everyone gave me a "wide berth"!

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