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> I finally have a 1938 shifter coming, hopefully soon.

*green envy* ... *even more green envy* ... *whimper 'n sniff*  ;-)

Actually, I'd be happy with a Signal Drifter of any flavor although I have a
definite preference for pre-war equipment & tech.  I'm not even all that
picky about condition if it can be repaired using my high precision tool kit
- duct tape, baling wire, chewing gum and a very large hammer. :-)

With that, after a disastrous and expensive lesson which taught me that not
all hams are able to deal honorably or take responsibility for their actions
(or lack thereof), I am once again interested in locating a Harvey-Wells
Bandmaster TBS-50B - the CW only version - with or without a VFO.  Again,
condition isn't a major concern as long as I can get it running and cause it
to look more or less as it should.  The plan, such as any of my plans are,
is to use it with either an HRO Sr. or with a command Rx plus converters,
kind of like a Don Stoner SSB Q-5er but different.  

Best Regards,
Michael, K3MXO, CBLA #6, BL01hx15np24 ... or there abouts  
Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring so I go back to being
Hiki Nô! 

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