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I don't know about a regen, but I built and still have a six-transistor SW super, 6 - 18 MHz, that was part of the series you probably refer to.

Lineup is: converter (1) - (2) IF - audio (3); the numbers in parentheses are device counts.

Worked OK on receiving stronger stations, OK on QRMing over-the-air TV in a fringe area.

On this radio, the "vernier" is a dial drum with an O-ring / vacuum cleaner belt snapped over the rim.  Works as well as some of the Heathkit string drives from the same period, although it is cruder and looks it.  The dial markings aren't too precise.

The kit came w a small Weller soldering pencil and a headphone.

I don't recall a regen receiver, but it could have been.

There might have been a one-transistor BCB broadcaster.

This was 1963.

Mike, n2mho

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Does anyone have any recall of a kit regen set made/marketed by GE as part of an electronic education series? Time would have been circa 1960-ish. May have been limited to the east coast/NYC area.

The set was, I'm told, built on a single board with attached Fahnestock clips for the P2P wiring; a vernier dial mechanism; coil forms and some hookup wire. Probably battery operated. It also came with a smoke-colored, transparent cover.

Any data, info, stories etc. much appreciated.

73 to all,

Bob  AG5X

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