[Boatanchors] Divorce Sale -- Everything must go!

Tom Norris fernblatt at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 14:40:25 EDT 2014

Sadly, I will soon be going through a divorce.  As such I am offering up all my BA related material, radios, surplus items, parts, power supplies, some nice shipping containers, even a 400 watt Harris amp (in kit condition, long story)
- too much stuff to list.  

I’ll be drawing up a preliminary list of items as soon as I can, but my collection consists of several tubs of tubes,
a few R-390A’s and R-390’s, an RBM, BC-348, tube and SS test equipment, pretty much everything I own save a couple small modern SS radios. Much is older gear, some is newer, like a nice 7904 tek scope and cart and some newer DMMs and general
parts.  Also have a box of AA5’s including several generations of S-38 and a National SW-54 among other things.

Sadly, no shipping, as my back no longer allows such things.

Not related to radios, I also have some woodworking tools like an electric mitre saw, router and other things.  Even have some lumber suitable for making workbenches.

More news as it happens.

Tom Norris NU4G
Murfreesboro, TN
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