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Meir WF2U wf2u at ws19ops.com
Mon Aug 11 20:20:38 EDT 2014

Hi Ron,

Nice to see another Geloso owner. I've been using my Geloso station for
years, as part of my boatanchor operation and collection. I have a G. 4/214,
and a G. 4/216 receiver and a G.222-TR transmitter. Incidentally, my first
commercial, not surplus receiver was a G. 4/214, back in the mid-1960's. Out
of nostalgia, I bought the receiver about 15 years ago when I found one for
sale in Canada and the transmitter followed pretty soon after. 
The Geloso manuals are very skimpy, and not very elaborate. Here is the link
to the Geloso publication which includes the G. 207-CR manual. The
transmitter which goes with your receiver is the G.210-TR, (they're earlier
models than my station), but of course you can use the 222-TR just as well.
Once in a while they pop up on eBay. The 210-TR has a single 807 as the RF
power output stage, and the 222-TR has a 6146 at the output.
Here is the link to download the documentation in PDF format for the 207-CR
receiver and the 210-TR transmitter:
http://www.mirabell.org/Geloso/BTG.pdf/bO59-60.pdf .  You could build a
transmitter with the Geloso VFO (the transmitters are basically use the same
VFO  as a module, with the addition of the power output stage and the
modulator, with the power supply. The original Geloso transmitters are so
simple, that the VFO bandswitch is not ganged to the PA bandswitch, you have
to switch both to change bands.

Off the bat, most likely that the filter caps in the receiver power supply
are candidates for replacement. In my receivers, except for the filter caps
no other capacitors needed replacement - so far. The same with the

Have fun, keep me updated regarding your equipment operation.

73, Meir WF2U
Landrum, SC

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Have had one of these for a couple of years, awaiting repair/restoration.
With help of a friend, finally got it working.


Does anyone have anything more than a schematic and voltage chart for this?
Would like to find a manual to copy, or any other info on this.


Anyone have a transmitter to match?  Anyone else have any Geloso
transmitters or receivers.  I also have a Geloso VFO that's in the queue. 


Ron K2RP

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