[Boatanchors] FS: Drake TR-3, RV-3, AC-3 $250

Al Parker anchor at ec.rr.com
Mon Aug 25 14:18:56 EDT 2014

Hi folks,
     They are not "beautiful", but are quite serviceable.
     Pix may  be seen at <http://www.boatanchors.org/TR-3sn10540/>
	I have been thru these pieces, replaced many (not all) electrolytics 
both in the TR-3 and the AC-3, incl. the bias filter in the AC-3, and an 
earlier owner had replaced one of the cans.  Ones not changed measured 
good for ESR.  The xtal filter is good on both SB's.
     My shop notes from last Winter aren't very detailed, but I did have 
it on the air, and ckd all bands.  Notes say, "good output on all bands 
incl. 10m, exc. a bit low on 15m."  I didn't record wattmeter readings, 
unfortunately.  I put in good 12JB6's, as 2 were useless when I got it. 
  Their screen and cathode resistors were replaced, as well as the B+ 
dropping resistor for the driver.  The TR-3 presently has a removable 
jumper in the RV-3 socket, so it can be operated w/o the RV-3 plugged in.
     $250 for all.  Plus shipping, in 3 boxes.  I can deliver this to 
the Shelby 'fest this coming week, if a substantial deposit is received 
before Thurs. 8/28, when I'll leave for the fest.  I'll be there until 
noon Sat.  (I lost a sale once when I hauled over 100 lbs of radio 
there, without deposit, for a fellow who didn't show up, and I foolishly 
held it for him when others wanted it.)
     TR-3 s/n 10540, RV-3 s/n 13365, AC-3 s/n 12604
tnx, 73,

Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC  28560

"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much
worth doing as simply messing about in boats"
Ratty, to Mole

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