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Fri Dec 19 13:34:27 EST 2014

FS: Octal Crystal Ovens

1. Bliley "Temperature Stabilizer" Crystal Oven Model: TCO-1A
   Rated: 1a 6.3v .85a 75c 5.5w
   Interesting article here:
   Untested, as pictured.
   $19. shipped to USA.

2. GE Dual-Crystal Oven Model: B5490303P-2 1100
   Switchable 12v or 6v.
   Untested, as pictured.
   All THREE of them for $17. shipped to USA.

3. James Knight Co. Sandwich. IL
   Crystal Oven Model: KS14521-L6
   No crystal included, untested, as pictured.
   All FIVE of them for $17. shipped to USA.

4. Unknown manufacturer.
   Includes 307.9MHz crystal.
   $8. shipped to USA

Mix and match - make me an offer.
OR, ALL TEN for $47. shipped to USA


Nevils, Georgia USA

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