[Boatanchors] FW: Hammurland Part Needed - HQ-170

Gary H. Harmon, Jr. gharmon at idworld.net
Fri Feb 21 22:12:13 EST 2014

My friend Ron needs the part as described.  If you have one or have a
suggested process for fixing the existing shaft, please let me and/or Ron




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From: Ron Eisenbrey [mailto:ab5wg at satx.rr.com] 
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 9:01 PM
To: 'Gary H. Harmon, Jr.'
Subject: RE: Hammarlund Part


Vernier Tuning Control


Would you be a member of a Boatanchor's group or Hammarlund group where you
could post a want for me?  I have started restoration on a HQ-170 and have
discovered that the main shaft of a tuning capacitor is bent.  I am afraid
that it will break if I attempt to straighten it, it is a special gear
reducing shaft, and think it best to just try and find a replacement.


Value of the capacitor is unknown and not specified in the parts list or on
the schematic, but in looking at the plates, it appears to be a low value
cap.  Here is how Hammarlund describes the part in the parts list.


C30  Variable Cap, Vernier Tuning   K42040-2


Could you help with any of your multitude of groups?





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