[Boatanchors] Free to a good home -- parts rigs -- Valiant and Pacemaker

Mike Langner mlangner at swcp.com
Mon Feb 24 18:00:08 EST 2014

Hello everyone !

Years ago I bought two basket-case parts rigs, a Johnson Valiant and

They have cabinets and chassis, nearly all soldered-in parts, and
transformers & chokes.

No tubes, knobs, vfos, and additional random parts are missing.

Either or both are free for the cost of shipping to a good home.

Want one or the other - or both?

I can email pictures on request. . .

Thanks !



Mike Langner
929 Alameda Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114-1901

(505) 898-3212 home/home office
(505) 238-8810 cell
mlangner at swcp.com


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