[Boatanchors] FW with link to picture: Any Interest? General Radio Decade Attenuator Type 1450-TB

William w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 1 14:25:55 EST 2014

Hello All,
Thanks to Mr. David C. for the link to a picture of the item:

Best Regards,

From: w_b_morton at hotmail.com
To: boatanchors at puck.nether.net
Subject: Any Interest?  General Radio Decade Attenuator Type 1450-TB
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 18:59:24 +0000

Hello All,
Start your New Year with the toy you didn't get for Christmas... and it needs a bit of fixing, too.
I have a General Radio Type 1450-TB Decade Attenuator that has broken plastic collars around the output terminals.  Easily repaired if you happen to have the correct plastic pieces or if you just want to substitute your own terminals in that location.  
Other than the broken collars, it is in good physical shape with the typical dust and a paint scratch or two (I'll call it shelf/storage wear).  There is a sticker on it saying 'maintained as a working standard', a semi-missing sticker (calibration? capital equipment?), and a couple of Dymo labels saying '15 volts rms max' and 'cal to 10kHz and 70dB'.  Knobs turn nicely, all 4 feet are present, cool little red 'GR' badge is present.
Nice and heavy.
$25 plus shipping costs and it's yours.  Hopefully there is someone out there who can use it.
Best Regards and Happy New Year,

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