[Boatanchors] FS: 18 Various Submini Tubes

William w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 26 17:01:23 EST 2014

Hello All,
I have some subminiature tubes from an estate that may be more useful to someone else in the community.
Here is a list:
1 Raytheon 1AD4, used (as evidenced by clipped leads)1 Raytheon CK 6937, used (as evidenced by clipped leads)1 Tung Sol, JAN 5672, NOS1 Raytheon, JAN CRP 5636, NOS2 Raytheon, JAN 5676, NOS1 Sylvania, JHS 6021, NOS1 Raytheon, CK 5840, NOS1 Sylvania, JHS 5840A, NOS1 GE, JG 6112, Still has long leads but looks used1 Sylvania, JHS 6943, NOS3 Raytheon, JAN 5678, NOS4 Tung Sol, JAN 5678, NOS
All are individually packaged in a small box.
I am hoping $20, including shipping to CONUS, is reasonable.  If this is way underpriced, you can donate the difference to a legitimate charity.  PayPal works fine.
Best Regards,


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