[Boatanchors] AEA Keyer Tainer KT-3

Steve sswhite at mchsi.com
Thu Jan 30 00:16:13 EST 2014

I have an AEA Keyer Trainer KT-3 serial number 1, thats right serial number
1 and I am unable to find a manual for it anywhere.  I can find info on the
KT-2 but not this one.  It is a boat anchor by my definintion (old and neat)
so thought I would query the community that might know where I can find
manual for this guy.  A pdf would be breat.  Mine works but the push button
key codes are not the same for the KT-3 as they are for the KT-2.  Hope
someone might know something about this one and can point me the right
Steve  NU0P

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