[Boatanchors] Opinions wanted on what to do with nice Swan 350 & PS

Robert Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Fri Jan 31 17:13:04 EST 2014

I have a bit of a discussion with myself on how I should proceed with a rather nice Swan 350 and matching PS 117XC that I picked up some 15 years ago.  These two are, as near as I can tell, were very lightly used and are in the original shipping boxes.  Probably about as close as I am going to get to having a 'new, open the box' experience!  I was going to use them but, honestly, I have way to many radios and way too much other stuff to work on.  So I will be selling these and my quandry is just how much (if anything) I should do with these before selling them.  

I would, if I was going to bring them to life, replace all the electrolytic caps in 117XC power supply (and the radio itself) and I would also pull the covers off and lube all the control bushings, etc. 

However some prospective buyers might very well wish to do 'their own thing' and, more to the point, may not like or approve of what I might do.  

So the question I would like to present to the group - should I do anything to them before offering them for sale or just take some nice pictures and go for it. 

If I do some work on them, what should I do?

Thanks for all comments.  Pictures at:

Bob Groh, WA2CKY
Blue Springs, Missouri

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