[Boatanchors] Anybody in the Austin TX area looking for more heavy metal?

Kevin McDonald ktmaustin at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 1 23:33:24 EDT 2014

I need to clean out some some of lesser loved boat anchors but not really 
interested in shipping.
Anybody in my area Austin TX interested in looking at some projects?
Less interested in making money and more interested in finding nice homes 
with hams that can bring these back to life.
Not interested those looking to flip radios (no reality TV here ;-)

Viking II (ok - not great never tested $$)
Bandmaster SR (nice never tested $$)
Drake 2C (nice $$)
Drake 2B (ugly $)
Drake R4 (clean but apart and needs TLC $)
Heathkit Mohawk (rough but works - and drifts... $$)
Hammarlund SP600 (ok $$$).
Hammarlund R390A SN118 (nice $$$$)
Collins R390A SN1802  (nice $$$$)
Hammarlund SP600 (no cabinet $$)
Hammarlund HQ150 (semi rough never tested $)
Hallicrafter HT-37 (needs transformer - don't they all? $)
A variety of Heathkit equipment $

Also looking for trades:
Coils for SW3
Coils for SW5
Coil racks for bandspread - original HRO
Nice working GC receivers Hammarlund, Hallicrafters, National

I would definitely be interested in trading several rigs for a Collins KMW-2 
type xcvr - Doesn't need to be the most collectable but something that has 
been gone through and works (relays, etc)

Contact me direct at:
ktmaustin at sbcglobal.net
If you would like to look at this stuff and see if you see anything you 
Don't spam the boatanchers list...
Kevin McDonald

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