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Michael k3mxo.hi at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 15:50:14 EDT 2014

First off, if anyone attempts to make this into a political or religious
thread, I would ask that the Moderaptorial Entities squash it without
hesitation and with oodles of squish.  With that, any email of a political
nature will be responded to in a most unpleasant manner.  I don’t do
politics.  And finally, private email of a religious nature will be ignored.
To me, religion is a private matter not open for discussion.  


All of that said, the most recent news from Noelle hasn’t been good.  The
new health care reform bill has reduced her assistance simply because she’s
terminally ill which means Daddy’s got to up his assistance to her.  What
this means to you folks is that my buying power has taken a downward turn
so, much as I want to pick up more goodies as posted here and elsewhere, it
likely ain’t gonna happen that Da Ol’ KludgeMeister Hisself will partake in
the largess 
 or even smalless.  It puts a bit of a crimp in assorted
projects but my little girl is far more important to me.  She comes first no
matter what.


Her pain has gotten such that the docs upped her dosage of Oxycodone plus
changed from every 6 hours to every 4 with OxyContin to help smooth the
overall levels in her system.  This is on top of a host of other meds to
attempt to regulate her physical deterioration as best as can be done.  We
know about all the “miracle” cures etc and none of them apply.  In many
cases, it’s simply too late while in others 
 well, I don’t want to go
there.  Mentally 
 her depression has worsened along with her physical
condition.  This is expected and the anti-depressants are just barely
managing that side of the world.  She’s a terrified puppy – not that I’m in
much better shape in that regard – which isn’t helped by the docs making
noises that indicate that we may be overly optimistic for her to live to see
40.  She’s 36 now and has already outlasted several “predictions” (and a
couple doctors who made them) but it appears our luck is running out.  


The stress isn’t doing me much good either.  I’ve had a few 3-day
“observation” tours in the monkey ward plus a more or less equal number in
the care of medical residents which is a scary proposition by itself.  Room
service in both facilities sucks most bodaciously and at my worst I’m a far
better cook than they have on hand so I left as soon as I could.  Even so, I
seem to have an open reservation at both which is not pleasing at all
however it’s a byproduct of my refusal to increase my existing med load even
just a little bit.  This seems to upset MDs and psychnannies but that’s
their kuleana, not mine.  The psychotropic meds are already affecting my
ability to do much consistently which is highly displeasing, a fact I let
the psychnannies know beyond question.  


This also has meaning here in that my participation isn’t as consistent as
I’d like and on occasion I may actually make sense 
 or not make sense,
whichever’s the less common under what passes for normal conditions.  I
would therefore ask for your patience with and understanding of the
situation as it unfolds.


Thank you.


Best Regards,


Michael, K3MXO, CBLA #6, BL01hx15np24 ... or there abouts  

By doing just a little every day, I can gradually let a task completely
overwhelm me.

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