[Boatanchors] Gonset 500W - info needed

George Maier george at maiergroup.com
Sat Jun 14 14:16:15 EDT 2014

Hi all:


Just wondering if anyone has a good quality photo of the Gonset 500W grid
circuit, under the chassis.  One of these interesting amplifiers followed me
home a while back, and it’s in pretty good shape, but some previous owner
ripped out the tuned grid input circuit and converted it to a passive grid.
I’d like to restore it to original, and I have a copy of the manual with
component details.  The manual includes a low resolution black & white photo
of the circuit, but a good quality color photo would be much more helpful.


Also need a cabinet for it someone has a close match available.  The
original is a monster at 13”H x 23”W x 16 ½” D, with only 8 ¾” (5 RU) of
vertical space for a standard 19” panel. It was probably made by Premier or
Bud.  A more standard and shorter version would be fine as long as it fits
the 8 ¾” panels and is 15 1/2” deep . 


Please drop me a note directly. 


Thanks & 73,


George – W1LSB




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