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Interesting also is the  Cub Scout  books  from the   sixties  some had  
radio projects from scratch in them as  well.
then there is  this  kit that was  sold  to Cubs   also (see inline image) 
this is not  our  image see _www.peeblesoriginals.com/vintage/index.php_ 
(http://www.peeblesoriginals.com/vintage/index.php)  for   some nice crystal 
We have one, along with  other radio and  electrical things  that  would 
have inspired  young minds   in a large glassed in display.

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I have a  1974 printing of the 1965 Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge book.
Remarkable,  it’s harder than the current General license...5WPM code and 
actually build  something, with soldering!
Picture of kid’s station on the cover.
$5,  shipped 2  u!
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