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Thu Jun 19 13:39:37 EDT 2014

At 10:48 AM 6/19/2014, Wilson wrote:
>I have a 1974 printing of the 1965 Boy Scout 
>Radio Merit Badge book. Remarkable, it’s 
>harder than the current General license...5WPM 
>code and actually build something, with 
>soldering! Picture of kid’s station on the 
>cover. $5, shipped 2 u! Wilson W4BOH 
>Boatanchors mailing list 
>Boatanchors at puck.nether.net 

Wilson:   Yes, as a Radio Merit Badge Counselor, 
I feel the requirements are watered down.
               This is probably due to the 
current era where electronics items are bought instead of
               built.  No code requirement either.

               Merit badge classes that don't 
have a lot of serious input (ie: Eagle requirements) are
               usually held as one day classes, 
with the exception of Summer Camp, when they
               last about four days. (due to 1.5 hour time slots)

               The recent introduction of the 
MORSE Interpreter strip (worn on Class A uniform shirt)
               gives an opportunity for them to 
learn CW at a slightly stricter format than what was
               required for the old Novice 
license.  I have taught this class. (and it is not done in one day) :-)

               There is also an "Amateur Radio 
Operator" strip that is worn on the right sleeve of the Class A
               shirt for those that become licensed.

               So there's still hope for Ham Radio in the BSA organization! ;-)

'            Perry

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