[Boatanchors] Help ID a 1939 Superior VTVM with a large round 7" meter

Ray, W4BYG w4byg at att.net
Sun Mar 2 14:12:59 EST 2014

I have an old Superior VTVM, 1939 vintage which although is complete, is in
pieces.  It has a large round 7" meter in a fairly large rectangular
cabinet,  The parts and cabinet seem to be in good physical condition and is
definitely worth restoring.  I would love to be able to identify it and find
a schematic, so I can rebuild it.
Bama doesn't list it.  I don't see anything like it on line in a web search.

Any old, old, hams around that remember this meter to help me ID it?  Anyone
know of a source to help ID?  Any early 1940's publications that might have
an add for it?
Your assistance will be appreicated.

Ray, W4BYG 

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