[Boatanchors] Looking for replacement cable for Shure CB41 desk microphone

Robert Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Wed Mar 26 21:14:36 EDT 2014

Going through my assorted microphones - cleaning up, checking operation and generally getting them ready to put on the market.  Now working on a Shure CB41 desk microphone (circa mid-1970s) (Heathkit sold a version for their radios) and the coiled cable is in pretty bad shape.  For some reason, the jacket breaks apart when it is bent and even the insulation on the inner wire(s) are pretty darned fragile.  The audio line's (which is covered with a braided shielding) insulation will break off if you just pinch it with your fingers. Really bad.  I am going to cut it back 6" or so later tonight and see if it is better farther in but, so far (going up an inch or so), it is not looking good.

I can, of course, sell it 'as is' and just tell folks that the cable is bad but I would rather have some alternatives.  To that end I am looking for a source for replacement coiled cable for the mike.  It has 4 wires total - one wire (shielded) for the audio, one wire for the ground connection and 2 wires for T/R switching. The existing cable is a 'curly' cable which is good but (in addition to the 'falling apart' problem) is pretty darned stiff.  

I've looked on the web, checked out eBay and Amazon and found a couple of possiblities but I certainly am open to any other suggestions.  Thanks for all comments!!

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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