[Boatanchors] FS: PMR-6a, AF-67, HB Rx-PS

qrv at kd4e.com qrv at kd4e.com
Thu May 22 22:45:41 EDT 2014

Promised buyer was no-show at Dayton & has otherwise
"vanished" - so after 5+ weeks of waiting these are
available again ...

Elmac PMR-6A has a bracket and speaker attached to the top,
and the dial cover is a little yellowed but still fairly clear.
Receives but controls are noisy and it fades after a while
- presume it needs caps. Definitely needs the case repainted.
Serial #: A 2621

Elmac AF-67 looks pretty good. Dial cover is a little yellowed
but quite clear. No evidence of mods I can see.  All tubes are
present. Remnants of bias battery removed & area cleaned up.
Untested.  Serial #: 1062

I can send lots of pics inside and out as needed. Pictures
will represent cosmetics of actual pieces.  No guarantees,
of course, as caps & tubes are unpredictable in vintage gear.

Asking $35. for the PMR-6A, $35. for the homebrew PS (for
a receiver only) - the receiver & PS together $65., and $90.
for the AF-67. I'll sell the lot for $150.

All asking prices are plus the actual cost to ship to you.

I also have two Morrow RVP-260B vibrator-type DC receiver
and TX-exciter stage PS's and one Morrow TV-600 vibrator-type
DC transmitter PS.

Plus a Morrow 3 BR-5 3.5-4.0/14-14.4/26.5-30MHz to 1500KHz
compact mobile receive converter (clean inside, case needs
fresh paint).  Similar to the one at this link but mine is
light blue -which appears to be original but may not be:
$35. plus shipping.


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