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Michael k3mxo.hi at gmail.com
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Note that the only good ones are the IERC shields made to MIL-S-9372 specs.
Of those, only the ones which were made on alternate Tuesdays that coincide
with a new moon between the hours of 7:14 AM and 1:23 PM are worth having.
The others made to this spec resonate imperceptibly at frequencies between
516 Hz and 2.16 kHz.  This resonance is impossible to see on any test
equipment.  Only a true expert's ear can hear it.  Other IERC shields also
have resonance issues, mostly at negative frequencies which cancel out the
positive counterparts in music thus leaving the music sounding hollow and
unfulfilled.  Non-IERC shields sound metallic and aren't worth the metal
they're made from.

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I have a bunch of the black ones if anybody is interested...

Best regards - Bry Carling

> On May 25, 2014, at 6:48 PM, "Bob Jackson" <bob145 at suddenlink.net> wrote:
> I always assumed that tube shields were used to keep stray RF either in or
out of the tube or both. Are there other reasons as well like keeping them
securely in their sockets via the little springs inside the shield?
> Bob
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