[Boatanchors] REDUCED: Meissner BFO Coil Assy - new

bcarling at cfl.rr.com bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat May 31 17:16:35 EDT 2014

The crystal filters were sold.

This item is again for sale...
PRICE DROPPED FROM $12.00 to $9.00

RARE item - take a look!!

MEISSNER BFO COIL - appears to be new and never used but the box is not here.
Meissner Part number is 176074 - Looks to be a 455 kHz BFO coil assembly with dual windings 
and 4 color coded wires.
This is in a chassis-mout metal can approx dimentions: 1.25" X 1.25" X 3.0" tall
 Mounting is via two #6 threaded spade bolts that extend about 3/8" under the base.
 This is a great item of nice unobtainium for home brewers.
 QTY 1 available for $9.00 plus shipping.

Picture available here:
73 de AF4K - Brian

Brian Carling, Radio AF4K

Brian Carling, Radio AF4K

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