[Boatanchors] FS: Homebrew Transmitter & 120V PS

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Thu Nov 6 09:25:49 EST 2014


Homebrew Single Tube 6DQ5 CW Transmitter and 120V AC Power Supply

This is a Single Tube transmitter but has room to be modified for additional 
separate oscillator stage.

RF final consists of a 6DQ5 tube with bandswitching RF tank for 80 through 10m.
PI NETWORK Output with quality air variable capacitors and a tapped EFJ or Heathkit 200 
watt class tank coil. (I forget which!)  Currently set to just run on 40m, but add rotary switch 
and away you go on all bands.

Antenna switch-over is included with switch and SO239 connections for both 

Front panel has a XMIT/RVC switch, Key jack 1/4" and crystal socket for FT243 crystals.

Uses top quality patrs laid out on a traditional cake pan chassis with matching power supply.

Power supply runs on 120V AC and has a stabilized 150V screen grid supply / LV supply.
Supplies all needed power including 400V DC, 150V DC, 6.3V AC.

Transmitter is working but willl need some improvements to reduce chirp. 

I used this in the recejnt WES event for single tube rigs and made some contacts with it. 
I had intended to add a 6AU6 osc stage.

Pictures available on request. Complete set up has all cables, includes the interconnetcing 
cable and all connections. You supply a key and crystal, or I will include a 40m ham band 
crystal for an extra $6.00

Will sell for $55.00 plus shipping

Pictures available - e-mail me with inquiries.

73 - Bry, AF4K

Brian Carling, Radio AF4K

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