[Boatanchors] 69-8 Relay for Heath Cheyenne transmitter needed.

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 10:36:37 EST 2014

I have the remains of a Cheyenne left over from doing a "Frankenstein" on another MT-1.  That is, taking 2-dead bodies and making 1-living body!  I'll have to see if the relay is still there. Glen, K9STH

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 Subject: [Boatanchors] 69-8 Relay for Heath Cheyenne transmitter needed.
Working on a Cheyenne MT-1 transmitter and need a relay.  It is a 3PDT
6.3 VAC coil open frame relay, Heath part number 69-8.  It was probably
made by Potter and Brumfield and common as dirt 50 years ago but having
a tough time finding a suitable replacement.  Anyone have a good cross
reference, workable substitute or a serviceable one they are willing to
part with, I'd like to make a deal.


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