[Boatanchors] ELmac AF-67 Differences

qrv at kd4e.com qrv at kd4e.com
Sun Nov 30 15:38:16 EST 2014

I have three AF-67s, serial numbers:




I'm noticing the following variances - presuming
everything is original ...

1.  Early series knobs had wide & flat lines on the
knobs whereas later series had fine lines.

2.  Early &  mid series final coils were enameled
whereas later were not enameled.

3.  Early series mod transformer was black whereas
mid & late series was blue-grey.

Anyone observe any other production-sequence differences?

Or perhaps observe things at variance with what I'm seeing?

Anyone know what is the highest serial number made?

I don't know any of the differences represent more than
cosmetics or if Elmac found better results from non-enameled
coils or if the later mod transformers were superior to the
early ones.


BTW: I'll be selling two of them once cleaned up a little.

David KD4E


Nevils, Georgia USA

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