[Boatanchors] Waste Not Want Not: Technical Manual for Pulse Generator 0-404/SP

William w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 30 21:11:48 EST 2014

Hello All,

How many of you have a radar just sitting around, collecting dust in your garage just itchin' to be repaired and put to use?  Well, if that radar uses a 0-404/SP pulse generator this just may be your ticket to tracking any aircraft flying over your neighborhood.  

Manual is in fine shape:  Cover is heavy stock with no rips, tears, coffee cup rings, etc.  Internal pages are crisp and clean.  Photos and schematic drawings are clear.  

Use it as a reference, a fine addition to your library, or place it on your coffee table at your New Year's party and see where the conversation goes.  

'Why, yes, I have read the manual and I am quite sure the pulse forming thyratrons are 5727's...'

I tried to list this in that auction site and received a notice saying 'your item may be restricted....'  Never mind that the document was published in 1960 and even has 'UNCLASSIFIED' prominently printed on the top of the cover page....

$8 ought to cover media mail postage, the purchase of a padded envelope, and a donut.  If it is worth any more than that, feel free to donate the difference to a worthy cause.

Happy Holidays!

Best Regards,


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