[Boatanchors] Weird Arc-5 Stuff

Wilson infomet at embarqmail.com
Sun Oct 26 20:56:34 EDT 2014

Got some junk.
In it a BC-459 modified to be a vfo/low power rig.
Has a neat dial made by W8OVL, calibrated for 40, 20, 15m, white plastic about 6” diameter.
It’s ratty, dirty, but seems like it is all there.  No tubes.
Anyone want it?  Pretty cheap, plus freight.
There’s a PS too, and the panel with cutout for the 459 big gear.
I don’t know the original freq of the 459, but the coil looks like 15 or 20m, not 40.
Must have been a published conversion in the old days.  Very restorable, but not by me.

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