[Boatanchors] FS: Microphone Compressor - Limiter

Jim Bromley, K7JEB k7jeb at cox.net
Mon Sep 15 07:56:56 EDT 2014

Just a nit-picking detail:  This unit requires an input level
of about 1 milliwatt to operate.  You can't plug a microphone
into it directly -- it requires a mike preamp in front of it.
There are compressor/limiters that do work with a microphone-
level input.

On 9/15/2014 4:20 AM, bcarling at cfl.rr.com wrote:
> FOR SALE: Pro Audio Compressor - Limiter - ideal for AM and SSB stations.
> Do you want the best sounding audio you can get - add a little compression and limiting.
> Here is a versatile Behringer MDX4400 Multicom Pro audio processor, 19" rack-mount.
> 120V AC operation. Professional audio processor, great for the ham shack. Uses 1/4" TRS 
> and XLR connectors for microphone I/O.

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