[Boatanchors] [Heathkit:Yahoo] Long Threaded Shafts

Bruce Long coolbrucelong at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 15 18:27:35 EDT 2014

Digikey has two single turn 100 K pots with two inch long shafts  

RV4NJ104C-ND is one part number   a little pricey at $9.00 and there is another long shaft 100 K 2W pot in stock a Honeywell number at $12.00 still cheaper than an ordinary pot and a shaft extension.

I choose 100 K as a generic value suitable for many vacuum tube control circuits

Saw off the excess shaft with a hacksaw  I've done this many times with Radio Shack pots which for some reason always had long shafts


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Perhaps an extension shaft can be fabricated.

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> The Apache and Mohawk and possibly other Heathkits use pots with a 9/16 threaded shaft.  The pots available now do not have that amount of threaded length.  The original pot is not available.  Has anyone developed a way to adapt a current pot to the required 9/16 length needed to get through the chassis, panel, etc?
> Hopefully my question is clear.
> Thanks in advance.
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