[Boatanchors] National Receiver Coils - Additional Details

Gary H. Harmon, Jr. gharmon at idworld.net
Wed Sep 17 19:17:17 EDT 2014

First, I apologize for not being more specific regarding the coils.


All eight National plug-in coils are black crinkle with handles.  Most have
the two charts fastened behind a clear plastic cover with small screws
through a metal frame.  Since they are black I suspect they fit the older
HRO receivers.  Several frames and plastic covers are missing.


None of the coils have any markings on the aluminum covers.  They look like
they may have been cleaned.


Additional info is added to the frequency ranges below.


50-100 KC - general coverage

100-200 KC - general coverage

180-430 KC - general coverage

.48-.96 MC - general coverage

1.7-4.0 MC - general coverage and band spread

3.5-7.3 MC - general coverage

7.0-14.4 MC - general coverage and band spread

14-30 MC - general coverage and band spread






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