[Boatanchors] Any Interest? Transmitter Radio T-366 ARC

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Sun Sep 28 12:34:37 EDT 2014

More precisely: SearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearch

Google has merely one among many Search Engines & has
a reputation for manipulating the results & invading

That they have billions for marketing & try to Kleenix
the Search Engine field doesn't mean we have to sell-out.

Alternatives include:




IMHO, YMMV ... David KD4E

> Wilson wrote:
> googlegooglegooglegooglegooglegooglegoogle


David Colburn, KD4E - Nevils, Georgia USA

Safe & Secure Search Engine: duckduckgo.com

Android for Hams: groups.yahoo.com/group/hamdroid
Creative Tech: groups.yahoo.com/group/ham-macguyver
Raspi Alternative: groups.yahoo.com/group/beagleboneblack/

Restored to design-spec at Heaven's gate 1Cor15:22

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