[Boatanchors] Globe Linear Amplifier LA-1

Gary H. Harmon, Jr. gharmon at idworld.net
Mon Sep 29 09:41:03 EDT 2014

I picked up a ragged LA-1 amplifier yesterday.  It looks complete but has
some unknown mods at this time.  There is an extra switch in the front panel
and the 6m coax to the rear panel has been disconnected.  The meter is also
missing its cover.  The manual on BAMA is rough with several pages hard to


It came with a large schematic and chassis layout as well as an Engineering
Bulletin dated Nov 12, 1958 "Modification of Function Switch in LA-1 Linear
Amplifier".  The article states the changes will eliminate excessive arching
at function switch.


Here's what I need:


(1)  An original or good copy of the manual.


(2)  Meter or meter cover.


(3)  Anything else I am not thinking about.




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