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ARRL members only.

David KD4E

> The ARRL digital committee is presently working on a proposal to present
> to the FCC to alter the segments where digital is allowed.  Most of the
> proposal seems to be centered on 80 meters but there are other ideas
> included.
> Currently the ARRL has a comment site for people to register their
> thoughts for or against.  If you recall a couple years back they went
> down the same road and the plan was so controversial it was scrapped.  A
> similar proposal has now resurfaced and may be presented to the FCC.
> If you wish to have a say to the ARRL, do it now, if not wait to see if
> they propose it to the FCC and they make decide on a Rule Making.  You
> will then be invited to file a response to the rule making on the FCC
> site.  Sorry I don't have the link to the page where the ARRL has asked
> for comments. This was a topic of discussion in another group and maybe
> one of the members of that group still has the link.
> Jim
> W5JO


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