[Boatanchors] Need Photos: 1930's Control Tower Radios

Robert w4rl at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 4 19:07:58 EDT 2015

Wow!  That's a new one for my reads on Ham Radio Clubs civic projects 
for certain.  And what a fun project it appears to be.  I do hope in due 
time your membership will find even equipment of the era for community 
display.    I know I'd pay money for a ticket to tour a real life (of 
ago) a re-built 30's era airport/field control tower.  The aviation 
growth of that wonderful time is something that needs to be kept safe 
and nurtured just like our boatanchors.

Share with us a  little more of the type tower, whether civilian or 
military or at sometime both maybe etc.  Where the particular tower is 
located and some of its history.  Of note look at what Richard Dillman 
and his west coast San Fran/Oakland area gang have done with the KPH 
shore station resurrection of love of the hobby and it's annual on the 
air events.  Maybe your tower project can grow into fruition to become 
similar.  Lord knows ham radio needs many more such educational projects 
in existence for those wanting to learn about our America the good 
things happening in the news these days.   Especially the young families 
(that seems to be the upcoming new America) wanting to do good things 
with their little ones.  And not just a show place for us ol'timers 
grumbling over this and that about the "good ol'days".  <grin>  Believe 
you me "Thar's new (HAM RADIO) gold in them diapers out there touring  
with their parents...".

As hams we know (or should know) that the sole reason ham radio in the 
USA exists is that of the charge for public service by an US government 
agency decree years ago not one of a government endorsed nationwide 
hobby club.

Jus me 2 cent, yall,....just me 2 cents....

73 de Robert W4RL

On 8/4/2015 2:46 PM, Chuck McGregor wrote:
> Our club has been asked, on short notice, to assist in restoring a
> long-closed airport control tower to its 1930's appearance.  Lacking
> time to find real hardware, we are seeking good photos which we can
> blow up to full size and place over empty equipment racks.  We seek
> front view photos of:
> National type SCR-2 fixed crystal tuned receiver
> National type NTX-30 transmitter
> RCA transmitters type AVT-1 or ACT-150
> Thanks for your help,
> Chuck K7MCG
> BEARS amateur radio society
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