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I believe that these Pactor systems require a call sign.  The issue is what is a valid call sign and how it is obtained.  Just my guess, if you bootlegged another persons call sign in the US and used it exclusively for email your chances of getting caught would be about zero.  Do they check the FCC data base in these store and forward systems?  
Getting various licences and certificates in some foreign countries, even island countries, is no big deal.  For a small fee a friendly gov't official will be happy to expedite the matter. 
Although it is slightly different, I recently came across a lady who wanted to acquire a driver's licence in a far off land.  Even though she had never been behind the wheel of car the official offered to process  her licence for $400.00.  This is more than an month's average salary in the country where all this took place.
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I have never run Pactor, but doesn't each end of the RF circuit have  
to have a valid "call sign" or "handshake" to send and receive data ?  
How would an
Amateur radio operator "connect"  to an unlicensed/unmanned Pactor  
store-and-forward station ?


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