[Boatanchors] Complete Heathkit Station for Sale

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Thu Dec 17 18:37:21 EST 2015

Hi all:

Thinning out the shack...

TX-1 (1959)
RX-1 (1959)
HO-10 Modulation Monitor
SB-10 Sideband Convertor
Spare Roller Dials for TX-1, RX-1*
TX-1 spare parts chassis AND cabinet
Spare Modulator Tubes (pair)
HM-102 SWR/Power Meter**
Complete manuals for all
Dow Key
Xtals for 3870 and 14286.

(*These have a tendency to crack, spares are good.)
(**Not period, but it works.)

and I’ll even throw in the Isotron 80/75 antenna.  Station comes with all 
interconnecting cables too.  I restored this station over 2003-2006, and 
have a ton of sweat equity in it.  All runs fine, no issues.  It’s a 
“turnkey station”.

Image, price and other details at www.moonlightsys.com/revival/misc/ (SB-10 
SSB Convertor already boxed, not shown, as I ran AM/CW exclusively.)

It’d have to be a pickup local to Carlsbad, CA, as, with my back, there’s 
no way all this is going to get crated and shipped! :)

73 DE Lin/KJ6EF

Email to KJ6EF “at” qsl.net

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