[Boatanchors] [FLBOATANCHORS] FS: Ten Tec 2510 Mode B Satellite Station

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Dave ....   is it taken?

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Subject: [FLBOATANCHORS] FS: Ten Tec 2510 Mode B Satellite Station




      Nice condition with original TT manual.

Transmit  435.00 to 435.5 Mhz

Power Output is 10 watts

Modes: USB, LSB,CW

Freq. range:  145.5 to 146 Mhz, input converted to 29.0 Mhz Output

Need to thin the herd to fund a 1KW autotuner.

Asking $75. including shipping to standard USA addresses.




Nevils, Georgia USA

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Restored to design-spec at Heaven's gate 1Cor15:22





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