[Boatanchors] Can a SECO 107 Test an 826 Tube?

David Rossetti drossetti at comcast.net
Mon Jan 12 12:43:30 EST 2015

Did find that the 826 is identical to the CV630. Thought that perhaps the
I-177 with the MX-949 adapter box would have test specs for an 826 or the
CV630. It covers the testing of both sections of the 829 and the 832, but
not the 826/CV630.

Dave Rossetti
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	I should have been more specific.

	Is there an adapter and are there settings that would allow the Seco
107 to test an 826?

	The hope was someone had either tried & failed or found a way.

	Not much activity in this area, not like central Florida, but I'll
ask around & see if someone has a tube tester than can handle it.

Thanks - David

> Hi David - is there a socket that fits the 826 on that tester? That 
> would be a good starting point.
> 73,
> Dave N7RK


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