[Boatanchors] Any idea where I can get a replacement/replica o' scope graticule for an OS-8/B I've just restored?

David Rossetti drossetti at comcast.net
Fri Jan 16 01:16:17 EST 2015



Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have a Hickok 380A O-Scope
that is as best as I can determine Hickok's commercial version of the
OS-8/B. It came with a graticule that appears to be original. 


Separately, I sent you photos of my scope with the graticule in place. I
removed it and was able to bend the 'legs' without breaking them and get a
pretty good full scale scan of it. It is made of a flexible clear plastic
that is roughly twice to three times the thickness of those old things we
used to call viewgraphs that we would project from overhead projectors. 


Here is what it looks like (cropped to fit):



Hope this helps.


Dave Rossetti

410-279-0226 (mobile)



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