[Boatanchors] FS or Trade: Elmac, Heath, Tubes, Tester

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Sat Jul 18 12:32:42 EDT 2015

19yr old son is licensed & younger brother studying, need rigs.

Selling the following or will trade for Alinco DX-70 or
Kenwood TS-430s HF rigs, or something similar.


1. Elmac AF-67 160-10m transmitter in very nice condition.  $145.

(includes 10-pin connector to build a cable)

2. Elmac PMR-6a looks good. $95.

(includes 8-pin socket & shell to build a cable)

[Note: I bought both represented in good working order but
haven't modified & cabled the HP-23a to test them myself.]

3. Heath HP-23a in nice shape.  $125.

(includes mod info to use with the Elmacs)

4. Heath GD-123 Q-Multiplier/Notch in nice shape. $115.

(connect to 455 IF to add selectivity & carrier-notch to PMR-6a)

5. SECO 107 Tube Tester works, nice w/docs & tube settings. $135.

6. Box of 55 tubes - all NOS, includes one 7360, plus 6AQ5, 12K5,
	12AF6, 	1Q6, 1T4, 6BA6, etc. (multiples of many -
	detailed list pending). $125.

7. SAMSUNG TAB 2 7" GT-3113TS tablet.
	Includes a nice case with integral keypad.
	Tablet is like this one:
	Case/keyboard is like this:
Charger included.  $75.

All asking prices are plus the actual cost to ship to you.

Or, whatever we work out as a trade ...

Thanks - David KD4E


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