[Boatanchors] Trade Crystals?

qrv at kd4e.com qrv at kd4e.com
Fri Mar 27 16:00:56 EDT 2015

8 Crystals to TRADE:

1961 (JK Crystals Co. in original box H-73)

1907.4 (PR - Peterson Radio Z-2)

3955 (Precise Dev. Co. FT-743)

7200 (M.P. Co. FT-243

7225 (PR - Peterson Radio FT-243)

7225 (JK Crystals Co. FT-243)

7275 (CRYS Prod K.C., MO FT-243)

7275 (BES Co. FT-243)
WANT to TRADE for:

1975 (Georgia ARES Net - alternate)

3583 (GA Digital ARES)

3717 (a conversation Net)

3935 (Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Net)

3975 (GA ARES, SSB, & SW District WX Nets

3982.5 (GA Traffic & Emergency Net)

7287.5 (GA Traffic Net - alternate)

What are 2 common HF freqs for BPQ32 or EmComm digi?

Any key freqs I've missed?

14.300 and 14.325 are fine for receive-only as Bulloch
County is inland & it's unlikely I'd have any reason to
transmit on either (using my all-tube back-up station)
during an event.


*David* KD4E
ARES-EC Bulloch County, Nevils, Georgia USA

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