[Boatanchors] WTB: VHF/UHF wattmeter followup

Alex [Temple Boatanchors] temple.boatanchors1 at miwww.com
Sat May 9 12:39:46 EDT 2015

I am almost decided on the Diamond SX-400 ($129, new out of the box, 
at the e-place). If anybody has any good/bad experiences with this 
watt/swr meter I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

At 12:28 AM 5/7/2015, you wrote:
>Not exactly boatanchor related. But I'm looking for a used Power/SWR 
>meter (2-200W) that can operate in both VHF and UHF, power ranges do 
>not have to be absolute spot on, but fairly accurate and fully 
>operational SWR. Decent condition, few scratches and minor cosmetic 
>blemishes ok. Ideally looking at a Yaesu YS-500, or something 
>similar would also do. Have been scouring the big e site, but so far 
>nothing that motivates me.
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