[Boatanchors] Either Elmac PMR-6a or 7 Tune WARC?

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Fri May 15 16:05:57 EDT 2015

1.  Only if modified.
2.  I don't know of any commercially produced "Q" multiplier for a 265 kHz i.f.  You would have to either modify one or else build your own.
3.  The 265 kHz i.f. should be a little bit narrower in bandwidth and/or have sharper "slopes". Glen, K9STH

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 Subject: [Boatanchors] Either Elmac PMR-6a or 7 Tune WARC?
The PMR-7 looks cleaner and comes with some features
one must add to the PMR-6a.

Question 1:

Can either the Elmac PMR-6a or model 7 receiver
tune one or more of the WARC bands?

Question 2:

I like the idea of the low-profile Heath GD-125
Q-multiplier with the 455 IF in the PMR-6a. Is
there a similar Q-multiplier for a 265 IF?

Question 3:

In terms of performance is there a reason to
prefer one IF over the other?


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