[Boatanchors] Any Builders out There?

Wilson infomet at embarqmail.com
Tue Nov 3 14:04:14 EST 2015

Apparently I have suddenly become old, or at least realized that I have.
I know dozens of hams, but I think I am the only one actually using anything HB, with the 
exception of a nice 1929 Hartley or two.

A good bit of my stuff was built (or misbuilt) by others, but I’ve rescued it from oblivion and made it work properly.
I enjoy making things work more than I like fighting pileups, but I do do some DXing and some ragchewing.

So who’s out there with HB gear, TX or RX?  
Who uses 4-125s, 813s, 810s, 807s, 866s, 814s, 6AG7s, 6L6s, or V-70s?
Who’s afraid of their power supply?
Any receiver builders (my weak point)?

Along with my boatanchors (Signal Shifters, 310-Bs, HROs, Drakes, Hammarlund, Heaths) I have some real ship anchors!
Also transformers I can’t pick up and gobs of small transformers and chokes.

Anyone with ideas about how to get rid of this stuff (when the time comes) so my heirs won’t have to?

Is there a retro equipment builder’s/operators group or list out there anywhere?
I could use some sympathy.


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