[Boatanchors] Any Builders out There?

Ron Barlow imalowfer at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 4 15:06:59 EST 2015

Hi Wilson, FWIW, I have homebrewed all of my presently used radio gear, rx, tx, antennas, etc. Mostly at VHF and UHF, but some QRP HF "stuff" also, including 20's vintage Hartleys & regen receivers. I do not have the patience, facilities, or ability to construct show-n-tell type equipment, however. My parts sources were almost exclusively hamfest freebies, and my junkbox. My current workshop is an outdoor table, weather permitting (a serious rarity). My post retirement/post mistake/post recession budget is essentially nil. Arthritis and other issues have caused my recent project level to plummet, but not completely vanish. My hb projects are most assuredly not pretty, due to the above mentioned issues/limitations! My budget limitations leave me with no other options, other than the hb route, but I never enjoyed using commercially made stuff, when that option was available. Thus, homebrewing is a win/win scenario, for me.
 It is very good indeed, to hear from other hb enthusiasts.
                                                73 & GL de Ron  n4gjv                                                  

     On Tuesday, November 3, 2015 11:47 PM, Glen Zook via Boatanchors <boatanchors at puck.nether.net> wrote:

 I have quite a bit of home brew equipment that I have built in the past few years including a single band 160-meter linear amplifier

a 160-meter transverter

Antenna switches, various VLF and VHF receiving converters, test equipment including attenuators and a digital signal generator (started with one of the Chinese VFOs) that covers 0 kHz to 55 MHz with a well calibrated variable attenuator, patch panels, power supplies, and a fair amount of other items.
Also, not completely home brew, but rebuilt a BC-312M that was badly hacked, gutted, etc.
 Glen, K9STH 
Website: http://k9sth.net
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