[Boatanchors] FOR SALE - Oregon Electronics Model FL-1 Transceiver.

Bry Carling AF4K bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Fri Nov 13 14:47:35 EST 2015

FOR SALE - Oregon Electronics Model FL-1 Transceiver.

Very rare AM tube transceiver - Oregon Electronics Model FL-1 good for about 5 watts of AM 
on 15 MHz.  Two channel radio has two crystals installed. This fine looking radio was owned 
by the State of Washington Division of Forestry. Beautifully built with metering, microphone 

Has a beautiful, shiny case and standard SO-239 connector for antenna. Lots of great parts 
inside if nothing else. Crystals, 14 tubes, two tank coils, transformers, 3 Miller I.F. 
Transformers 1400 - 1600 Khz, speaker, etc. etc.  Comes with some basic documentation. 
No schematic.

This USA-made transceiver is available for $59.00 plus shipping.

Pictures and details at:

73 - Bry Carling, AF4K

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