[Boatanchors] Collins scope?

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 20 09:51:37 EST 2015

There was, for years, a member of the CCA who repainted Heath SB-610 and SB-620 units with Collins S-Line colors and changed the knobs to resemble those on the S-Line.

Those units were popular with operators who wanted to use the Heath equipment with their S-Lines but did not want to mix green with gray.  I had a Heath SB-620, that was such modified, that I got in a trade deal.  I did use it, for a while, but really did not like how it worked.  Another amateur radio operator badly wanted it and traded me an excellent condition 32S-1 transmitter for the modified SB-620!
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I have a couple of small Collins scopes that will be sold along with some other KWM gear. 
I wonder - has anyone ever heard of Collins producing such scopes? Are they panadaptors? 
I will make some pictures of them and try to get model numbers (if any) later today.

I will post pictures of all the Collins gear for sale soon on my AF4K web site. There will be a 
beautiful KWM2 / PM2 with original manual, and possibly a desk microphone and additional 


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